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Grand Theft Auto III


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The celebrated sequel to the highly successful GTA 2 is here, aptly named Grand Theft Auto III or GTA 3. The game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The title serves as a predecessor to the 2 D version, GTA 2. The first 3D GTA 3 has been a resounding success among GTA fans and continues to be a great game for nostalgic players and new recruits alike. The role play game is filled with action adventure elements and comes with a gripping Single Player campaign as well as an interesting Multiplayer mode. In the single player campaign you come across various scenarios that make you do favors for mob bosses, instigate rival gangs against each other, steal cars and conduct assassinations to stay ahead of the game. The game features a complete 3D city with lots of NPCs and dynamic environments. This approach gives a non-linear form of gameplay that players love. It also helps in generating enough interest among players to spend long hours with the game. It has a PEGI rating of 18 for simulated violence and strong language.

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